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10% Happier – Dan Harris

There are many benefits from meditation

Meditation is essentially reps to keep your mind glued to the present. Dan, the author used it to be able to notice his own thoughts and to not get sucked up into the chaos of his own mind.

Practical start for meditation is to commit to doing it 5 minutes a day. I think that is a good starting point.

Some pointers on meditation

Other thoughts

Compassion meditation was interesting to read about. Basically, you send out ‘good vibes’ to people in your life, practicing your compassion muscle. It doesn’t matter if you feel compassion or not, what matters is the practice – a recurring theme with meditation.

The main problem I had with meditation was all the buddhist stuff that came with it, all the stuff about reincarnation and chanting and shanti’s and om’s. Take that aside, and meditation becomes a lot more palatable.

It was interesting as well to read about the contradictions with meditation, like how being too compassionate leads to reduced job performance for Dan. Also, the 10 day meditation retreat sounds real intense.

I learnt a lot from this book about non-meditation related matters as well:

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