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Aginity tip: using code snippets
23 Mar 2019 · 220 words

I don’t like using Aginity.

Firstly, it’s slow. It’s also ugly.

But most annoyingly, it’s prone to crashes. Don’t accidentally Ctrl + click on a table name or press the Abort query button twice; you’ll regret it.

One thing I like about it, however, is the code snippets function. It’s a killer time-saver.

To use code snippets, type in some combination of letters and hit Alt-C. Those letters then expand into a SQL statement.

By default you have

But you can add your own, which is where they really shine. Use them for things you type again and again.

For example, say you have a schema called modelling_team that you type over and over again. Just map it to mt .

Or say you keep selecting stuff from the sales table. Create an entry that turns sfs into select * from modeling_team.sales_table limit 1000.

One more useful one: say you want to find counts of some variable. Map it to sfg: select x, count(1) from <blank> group by x order by count(1) desc. Then hit Ctrl-H to replace x with your field(s) name and you’re good to go.

Code snippets are a drug. You’ll be Alt+C-ing into your veins all day. Mmm.

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