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Great at Work – Morten Hansen

Do less, and obsess

Really the key to doing well at work. My favourite.

This value really emphasises two things. Firstly that doing less is essential for an uncluttered mind and calendar, and secondly that doing less is not enough by itself – you must also obsess. Else you are doing less and coasting.

A nice practical tip: consolidate powerpoint slides. Try to use 1-3 slides where you can, but really make them high impact.

A big part of this is figuring out how to say no. - “I would like to do this, but this current project needs 100% of my time to deliver something of great value for the next few weeks. I can do it if it is needed, but project X will be of reduced quality.”

Obsessing also means implementing strategies to maximise return: - get in early, leave early - WFH or coffee shop or meeting room.

Argue and be assertive:

I think this value is phrased differently, but for me that is really what it comes down to.

In meetings you are assertive of your point of view, which is only possible if you are 100% prepared for every meeting. This will involve blocking out time beforehand to get ready. (maybe half hour to an hour). In this time

A good fighting strategy is to play the devils advocate.

Either way, be 100% committed to whatever path of action is chosen, especially if it isn’t your way.

Forceful champions

This chapter had some good points. Mainly:

Redesign your work:

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